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Paint Buckettoddler messy play sessions

Once your little monkey is steady on their feet they are welcome at our toddler sessions which are less structured to allow freedom and autonomy in their choice of messy play.

We limit the group to 20 toddlers per session, allowing children the space to explore each activity at their own pace in a (relatively!) calm, relaxed environment, whilst encouraging interaction with their new friends.

Each week your child can have fun with colours, water, sand and play-dough and explore themed gloops and goos, also creating something special to take home.

At the end of each session we have warm soapy water for your little monkeys to get clean again – we ask that you bring a towel and a spare change of clothes each week for your child. We advise you wear old clothes too!

messy monkeys has been absolutely great, really loved the laid back approach, felt really welcome and able to enjoy mess with my son”

Your toddler is so eager to learn about the world and never happier than when making a mess – combine the two with messy monkeys!

  • Years Old From 12 Months old
  • Class Size 18
  • Class Duration 60 mins