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messy monkeys was founded by two mums waaaay back in April 2010 in response to their own kids’ exploration into the wonderful world of messy play!  There’s now a fantastic team of franchisees running their own messy monkeys classes, spreading our unique brand of messy play far and wide 🙂 

If you’d like to learn about running a messy monkeys business or have any other questions please contact us and we’ll be sure to help.

messy monkeys HQ
Hi!  I’m Helen, co founder of messy monkeys.  I’m absolutely passionate about free and creative play in childhood and love spreading our fab brand of messy play far and wide!  Contact me if you are interested in joining the team
Clare is a qualified Nursery Nurse, NVQ Assessor and Lecturer and has 30 years experience working with children from birth to 16. She has worked as a Nanny, in Pre-School and Nursery, run workshops in Drama and dance during  residential summer youth camps  and loves creative messy play and was always the first to get the clay out at pre school! Clare has two big monkeys of her own, who she is training up to help with the clearing up.
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London Brent
Hola messy monkeys, My name is Desire and I come all the way from Málaga in Spain. I am an abstract artist, with many years experience in childcare as a qualified and ofsted register nanny, hosting birthday parties as an entertainer, and summer camp teacher. I’m a Mumma myself, with a little messy monkey of my own, a little girl of two years old. Together we have been learning through the Attachment parenting (AP) philosophy which has given us lots of confidence and independence. On a personal note, I have a passion for child psychology, and I’m a real advocate for the Montessori approach to education both at work and at home. I have learnt so much from working with creativity and art – mainly about self love and the meaning of life. Art has brought me endless happiness through the ability to express myself creatively. Having children has taught me all about unconditional love, to live in the present moment and to let it be. Children are truly the most magical of beings. I’m so excited to get messy with all of you. See you in London 🐵
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Harrogate and Craven
Amanda is a BTEC and NNEB qualified nursery nurse with over 20 years experience of working with children from birth – 13 in various childcare environments, such as nannying , nurseries, schools and playgroups!
Amanda loves the freedom of messy monkeys sessions and loves the ethos of allowing children the choice and freedom in their play …. her mantra at session is ‘ process not product ‘ … everything in a messy Monkeys session is a learning opportunity!!
Amanda has one grown up monkey of her own who helps Amanda with clear ups and some sessions….. in between homework and studying for exams
(she is a budding vet!! )
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County Tyrone
Newcastle and North Tyneside

From 2020 onwards Helen will be running classes from the original Messy Monkey venue in Whitley Bay – Helen is one of the founders of Messy Monkeys and looking forward to welcoming back babies and toddlers for some super messy fun!!! Helen is passionate about creativity and freedom in childhood and loves letting kids explore!

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If you’d like to learn about running a messy monkeys business or have any other questions please contact us and we’ll be sure to help.