starting BIG…

writing and drawing through messy play

When children leAutumn 2014 019arn to write and draw they need to master the BIG muscles first before the little ones can catch up…  drawing a HUGE splodgy circle on the paint wall helps gross motor skills develop, makes a good old mess and also helps developing minds figure out how to make that circle smaller, neater and eventually a perfect ‘0’!

Being able to manipulate larger tools like paintbrushes, dabbers and rollers really helps our monkeys develop the motor skills they’ll need to hold pencils, pens and crayons in the future.

Bonnie drawing

We believe it’s never too soon to start developing a love of colouring in – check out this 18 month year old monkey’s pen grip after lots of ’rounds & rounds’ and ‘dot dots dots’ on the Messy Monkey clipboards!

Messy Monkeys allows your child the freedom to use their BIG muscles to get creative, make a BIG mess in the process and make BIG strides in their development!


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