splatting, squelching and speaking!

Communication skills developed through messy play

We’ve a wonderful speech and language therapist who has been attending Messy Monkeys with her children since we launched waaaay back in 2010 who has urged us to stress to you lovely folk just how amazing messy play can be for communicative development… she told us that “everything you are doing encourages fantastic development in their language and communication skills”.  Whoop!

At Messy Monkeys we love to listen to fully fledged qualified grown up practitioners but we also like to listen to our teeny tiny messy monkeys too… so we thought we’d sit back and listen while one of our almost 2 year old monkeys played and see what she had to say for herself!  It’s great to hear first hand how allowing children the chance to explore feeds their understanding of how to describe what they are doing!

Playdough pink mummy?  Playdough pink?  Playdough blue.  Playdough sparkly. Look!  Wiggly worms! Lots of wiggly worms!  Ah goggly eye.  Goggly eye lots!  Worm no eye.  Squish it down.  Push it down. Ah goggly eye stuck.  Mummy get it!  Look goggly eye my feet.  More wiggly worms please mummy.  Worms longer. Spider web!  Spider legs now mummy. 1. 2. 6. 9. 4.  Spider eat playdough? No spider eat playdough….


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