not so messy monkeys?

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Quite often we post photos of the hilariously gloop splattered babies who come to our messy play classes but it’s important to remember that we have lots of room for exploration in a quieter, more purposeful manner too…

All of our monkeys are unique and every one of them gains a huge amount from their time with us!

Just take a look at these two for example:

Quiet Monkey

The little chap on the left began his 6 week term quietly observing his monkey friends from afar….in week 3 he spent the session carefully placing Brussel Sprouts in the compartments of an ice cube tray – a huge step in terms
of his developing confidence and willingness to explore new textures.

Joyful monkey

The young lady on the right….er, well, I guess the picture says it all – she’s simply having a ball!

Every child is unique in their approach to learning and we hope that we cater for all types of monkey – quiet or exuberant, introvert or extrovert, clean or super


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