never too old for messy monkeys!

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Over the past 3 years this little monkey has made a whole lot of mess at Messy Monkeys!

Funfair 2

From 6 months old she attended Messy Monkey baby classes during which she developed great fine motor skills and confidence in trying new things… she socialized with other babies and shared messy tools (sometimes!) Her mummy had a good old giggle with the other lovely messy grown ups as their children explored new things together safe in the knowledge they wouldn’t be tidying up the mess!



Once she was walking she progressed to Messy Monkey toddler classes during which she enjoyed the freedom to explore how things work.  She grew in confidence as she realized that her choices were always right at Messy Monkeys… we love to say YES to our exploring monkeys!  Squidge away!






As the months went by and her understanding of arts and crafts developed she also enjoyed the pride of making her own very own messy masterpieces…






Now she’s almost 4 she’s a fully fledged Messy Scientist and attends our school holiday Messy Science sessions during which she LOVES the mischief of making a gigantic creative mess of scientific discovery!

Hooray for Messy Monkeys!


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