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One of our Messy Monkey mantras is that it is the PROCESS of creative play that matters and not the end PRODUCT.  The sheep above looks nothing like our beautiful example but who cares?  We bet the monkey making that sheep had a whole lot of creative fun!

sheep craft

Sometimes we as grown ups in our weird world of place and order can become a bit too caught up in things looking ‘right’… but there’s not always a right way to do things, especially when it come to messy and creative play, so we love to encourage our messy monkeys to explore in their own way.

Each week we make fantastic messy masterpieces to take home and cherish and we like it best when the child’s creation looks nothing like the example – because that way they’ve used their own imaginations and free creative spirits to come up with their own individual designs.

The PROCESS of imagining, putting ideas into practice, developing, making a mess and starting over again are valuable skills for life – we want messy monkeys everywhere to enjoy the joy of creating for creating’s sake rather than getting caught up in making a PRODUCT that looks just the same as everyone else’s!  We want monkeys not sheep!

So when your messy monkey makes a messy masterpiece that looks nothing like what we suggested – embrace that individual spirit and be glad that we’ll tidy away all the mess they made while going through the process of being creatively free!

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Scarecrows 003

Scarecrows 020


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