messy hands develop fine motor skills

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Messy play is such an important part of a child’s learning and development and we love seeing our little monkeys getting HANDS ON in all the different gloop and goo we provide each week.

052Each pair of little hands is working hard to understand how to manipulate the different textures, weights and substances they come across… it’s amazing to think about the workout that a Messy Monkeys session provides for a littlie’s hands and no wonder lots of our little folk leave us tired out!

As well as different textures for messy hands to get to grips with we like to provide materials of differing sizes too – including little things like rice grains, lentils, and beans that require a great deal of concentration and hand eye co-ordination to grasp.  Allowing a child to explore materials such as these in a safe environment helps them to form the important fine motor skills required for, among other things, developing the forefinger pincer grip necessary for holding a pen.  Messy Play is serious learning for little monkeys just starting out in the world!


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