messy children make better learners!

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Here’s a gem of an article which discusses research showing what we at messy monkeys already know having seen our messy babies and toddlers at work: messy play really does help your child to learn!

Messy play is a fundamental part of a child’s development and children who are allowed to get messy, according to this study, are better able to describe the world around them having touched it, squidged it, sat in it, chucked it about and possibly attempted to eat it…

The article gives a great example asking you to imagine you were a 16-month-old gazing at a cup of milk and a cup of glue. How would you tell the difference by simply looking?   Unless children are allowed to get hands on and stuck in how can they know about the mechanics of different materials and substances around them!?

Ahhhhhhhh.  That’s the collective sigh of all us proud Messy Monkey folk who know we are doing a fab job in giving our kids the chance to really learn by letting them get super messy!  Soak up that smug feeling Messy Monkey grown ups!

Full article can be read via the link below…


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