Glooptastic gloop

Babies 02This week one of our lovely little babies won a packet of cornflour as their prize for being our messiest monkey so we thought we best let them (and anyone else with spare cornflour kicking about) know what to do with it!

For those of your not in the know cornflour is the main ingredient of one of our favourite messy play activities  – gloop!



Toddler 01


Simply mix your cornflour up with a little warm water and stir like crazy… hey presto you have a pliable liquedy-solid (that’s a technical term) that can be squleched and squidged for hours on end!

You can mix in glitter and paint to add to imaginary play – we turn it green for Messy Science bogeys or purple for Halloween slime… super messy fun!




St George's Day 014


Little monkeys love to explore how sticky it is, ooze it between their fingers and toes – grown ups often comment on how therapeutic it is too!

So there you go… cornflour… fab for manual dexterity, exploration of solids and liquids and good old messy fun for all ages!


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