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messy play isn’t just a giggle… reason #49

***TRUST*** Sometimes the things we provide are a bit weird, a bit different and a bit unknown – it’s great to see children putting their faith in their grown ups and learning to trust that nothing bad will happen while they explore something new. Holding hands whilst slipping and sliding in a jelly ice rink required an enormous amount of trust as they wobble
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messy play isn’t just a giggle… reason # 10

***Language Development*** Lots of research points to the fact that physical experience assists in language development – we often hear our older monkeys grappling with new words to describe the new experiences they are having… when putting her feet into gellibaff for the first time one monkey pondered for a while before saying it was “blotchy” – what a great word! While we engage
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Messy Play isn’t just a giggle… reason #32

***Basic Science*** Even before they progress to Messy Science (our super messy science classes for 4 – 6 yr olds) our little Messy Monkeys are getting to grips with the very basics of scientific reasoning. We love when we hear our toddlers asking “what happens if…” as they cross the messy mat to mix playdough with purple sand or drop bucket loads of cotton
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Fancy donning some dungarees?

Since 2010, Messy Monkeys messy play has expanded; with more venues, more sessions, messy parties & messy science, we’re messier than ever & there’s no better time to join the team! We’d love to spread our fantastic brand of messy play far and wide and are looking for suitably enthusiastic franchisees! We provide all you need to run a sustainable, rewarding business, with generous
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Messy Monkeys Wales!

We are DELIGHTED to announce our lovely new team member Sian will be running sessions soon in South East Wales!  Anyone living near Cardiff and Bridgend our unique brand of messy play is on it’s way!  Whoop!

Manchester here we come!

You lucky lucky people!  Messy Monkeys will be launching very soon in Manchester with the lovely Jo at the ready to clean up all the mess your little monkeys make!  Hooray!

Benefits of Messy Play

Don’t just take our word for how fantastic messy play is… read these lovely words from The Times in September this year! The Times 200914

Messy Science

Thought your monkey was too old for Messy Monkeys?  Think again!  We have a fantastic messy science programme for 3 – 7 year olds during the school holidays.  Great for inquisitive little scientists who love to get hands on with great messy experiments!

Messy Play at Home (?!)

Messy Monkeys is a fantastic place to come for all your messy play needs… it saves you having to clean up your lovely home for one!  However for those of you missing out we’ve come up with a few ideas that shouldn’t cause you too much stress in your house… maybe try them out in the garden on a sunny day?! Great for CREATIVITY
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Glooptastic gloop

This week one of our lovely little babies won a packet of cornflour as their prize for being our messiest monkey so we thought we best let them (and anyone else with spare cornflour kicking about) know what to do with it! For those of your not in the know cornflour is the main ingredient of one of our favourite messy play activities  –
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